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Friday, August 12, 2011

Conclave Planned in Palm Springs!~

Glitter Graphics |
Glitter Graphics |

Hey, guys, whenever you are in So Cal~
And beyond!~
We're planning an end-of-summer
Conclave at one of
Palm Spring's
Better men's resorts!

It'll be a good chance to meet new friends.
exchange good times,
vanquish the tan lines!~

Since a number of you might be in town
For only the day, or staying
In another place,
Resorts featuring day passes
are being considered!

We need your input on which one~
CCBC in Cat City, the biggest,
Maybe North PS such as
Canyon Club.

Actual date to be set.
Let's have your feedback.

We hope to see you!..

...So hit the road our way! 

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