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Wonder of Wonders~Click Pic~
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Salute to the Big Guys!~Click here!~
Salute to the Big Guys!~

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Let the Lens Make Your Day!~
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A Great Brother Blog:
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Great Photo ideas~
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Let's Hear From You!~


SoCal guys on the rise!

Much of the pictorial content of our site is from members
sending us some of their better moments, through
the auspices of M.Marshall Studios,
the Gay Artists' Clearning House
and online venue for guys
sharing pics.

One of the Studios' best formats is
which will be featured here
much of the time.

Gym Jocks * Blowjobs * Muscles *
Bikers & Truckers * Rings & Tats

 Lovers * Nude Bud Clubs
Hardons * Bators
Cams & Vids

   Here's a handful~
 Big, brawny guys, sure, BUT...
...We remember the young set, too!~

No age bigots, here!

Gay Boys become Gay Men!

A happier Boy=A happier Man!
Enjoy the Khrome installments,
and all the rest!


 We're unpackin' for a long summer!~
 Artists and their followers welcome...

Men's nudist groups and gatherings.

Contributions and Input From All Our Viewership Welcome~
Aspiring Photographers, Models, Physique Artists
Amateur Videography, Cinéma Vérité
Men's Nudist Venues, Groups

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