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Monday, April 30, 2012

Variety Revue, Pt. 3~


  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together. 

Everyday places and jobs offer
many photo opts~
Pt. 3 of 3~

 Distinct color contrasts, and beefy physique!

 Excellent shadow and contrast blend~
 Subtle lighting and reduced color rendering~

Subtle, yet distinct manly features amid shadows~


Youth at daybreak~

Again, morning time can be the best time~
 Morning light, too, offers subtle features~

 Shadow combined with brilliant textile tone~

 Left, pre-dawn shadows and great profile shot;
right, monochromatic contrast with hint of color~

Again, deep shadow and key contrast prop~

Low-key and contrast; almost monochromatic~

Sharp contrast backdrop shadowing, and key lighting
helps hightlight the man's superb musculature~

End of day outside, with daylight's last
highlighting the man's inviting build~

Subtle or clear, ithyphallic delight, supremely manly~

More boner boys~

 Beautiful dad and son nudists~

Dad and son, doing the weekend car washing,
plus getting a tan, too~

Then, they blow off steam their favorite way!~

Muscle artist and his devoted admirer~

 The boy next store, trying his wings for the lens~

 One for the lens means he'll tell a couple more!~

Persuading the boy on the fun of photo work~

 Pictorial portrayals of youth's discovery delights~

The fun sometimes is best indoors~

Youthful adoration of the mature man~

 Your nephew and his pal, enjoying summer's heat~

Just let them drop the inhibitions!~

The high school coach, and a few of the best
swim club guys~

Let the nephew's pals make it a backyard holiday!~

Manly diversion in a garden den, and a field~

Manly pleasures at the pool and veranda~

 Solos, too, in the sunny outdoors~

 Perfect use of a verdant backdrop~

Weekend diversion for the guys at the office~

Nude nature jaunt, with prossaic water bottles~

 Lifeless metal and stone, and stunning virile contrast~

 Ranch hands taking a break on simple hay bale~

The foreman, persuaded to really let go at break time~

Farmer in the field~

Two more hands, using their pickup~

 Right outside the front door, basking in sunshine~

Trim boy enjoying the weekend in the backyard~

Vibrant youth rising high and proud towards the sun~

Just the right angle of focus and contrast
background with an endowed fellow~

Morning pool and hot tub dip in mid-spring~

 A moment's stop at a former farmhouse~

Tanned and trim, the rich earthtone background
adds to the fine rural physique study~

 A back garden in a remodeled country place~

The hayfield rural boy, all natural~
 The eternal icon of the cowboy~

Hefty rocks and solid studs enjoying the crag~

Neighborhood muscle artists, each persuaded to model
for his first nude full portrait~

Another muscleman friend, with very distinctive
primary and secondary sex features,
glowing in morning sunshine~

 Inspiring and arousing~
ithyphallic musclemen aglow!
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