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Wonder of Wonders~Click Pic~
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Salute to the Big Guys!~Click here!~
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Keep Your Creative Touch Flowing!~ Part 2


Click above for the pic to explode over your monitor!~
"Lovers to the Lake"

  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

The Men, the Settings,
the Opportunities~

Really, the sky's the limit!

Part 2~

Outdoor settings

 Click above, and it'll explode on your monitor~

 The element of water, and the summer warmth

Click above,  fill your monitor!~

Click above,  fill your monitor!~

"Lovers in the Surf"

 Click above to make the pic explode on your monitor!~
"Poolside Boner"

Relaxing outdoors, absolutely comfortable~
Huge tree stump, superbly fit man, primeval greenery:
"Verdant Virility"
Doin' the natural thing~
Construction guy, bright and early~

Ranger and his chopper, high noon and sunny lunch break~

A refreshing dousing on the rooftop keeps this super cool!

Sunsets and sun tans~
Warm skin tones get highlighted towards sunset~

 A small urban corner, and a little dare~

Urban rooftop stretch;
Click to fill your monitor!~

 Sunshine and shadow, too~

 Warm weather brings out the boners, so capture them!~

 The Boys of Summer~ Adolescent discovery and delight~

 A little clothing prop, both to doff and for the knees~

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