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Friday, March 1, 2013

Memories From the Studio Diary~

burning_line.gif - (7K)
burning_line.gif - (7K)

  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

The Eternal Celebration of Lovers~




Models' Varying Styles~

Many men are more at ease at first in upper torso poses







Once more relaxed, the lensman offers his models
slightly more honest poses

Boyish modesty is expected at first


Finally, the barriers start to come down

The makings of a physique artist, eager to express themselves

 Fit fellow proudly going all-man for the lens

Boroque prop backdrop~vital, living man foreground

Time-lapse as model goes from clothed to nude

First-timer tries it in jockeys first, then lets the real man out

Men interacting, half surreal, half just manly

The warmth of nude comeraderie:
The guys seem to take naturally to a threesome pose
One still clothed, knows the other is a bit bolder just now

Another trio, slightly surreal semi-sepia tone

Red-blooded physique artist couldn't wait for a break!

Muscleman's honest self-admiration

 The charm of youth, half winsome, half eager to explore and enjoy...


 This boy finally drops all shyness, feels warm sunshine at the window
on his receptive body, and rises proud and free

 The Modern Classic Vignette of the Morning Shower

The photographer's dream: Twins

And, the sunny outdoors!~



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