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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Casual Moments That Catch the Eye and Fire the Soul~


  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

Very low-key light, warm earthtones,
and simple props can make for
great portrayals~

With this, even a first-timer before or with the lens
can give it his best and be remembered.

 Perfect semi-silhouette blends aesthetic and erotic~

 Casual home studio examples of first-timer models,
emphasising strong shadow and contrast~




 Deft use of shadow and light on the model's irredoubtable manhood~

The use of discordant color with an innately rich skin tone~



"Gemini Rising"
 Beautiful depiction of twins at the ready.

 Here's why you need to seize the moment
when you've got them young and interested~
Boy takes a jaunt in his backyard with the lensman~

Beautiful smile for the lens as the boy takes his morning shower~

Lover Lads share their morning showers~


 Spacious bath and two acrobatic youths showing some originality~

 Eager, vibrant youth shows himself off freely~

This boy sent this pic online to the lensman~

Another candid beauty working that morning boner~

 Step-by step routine as the boy gets in the mood~

 And finally an explosive joy of release~

Lovers with a little background refelection in the glass~

This young buck uses a mirror prop for depth, and on te right a sexy lean back
on the archway at daybreak~

Another mirror prop graces the physique artist's pose~

 Young buck enjoying his mobile home~

More mirror props~

 Friends pair up, equally eager and manly~



Highschool senior loves showing off, honest and proud~

 Inviting quartet of teen showing the camera his best~

Lovers offer a revealing moment~

Lovers together, full view, left, more suggestive close-up, right~

Gutsy teen curiosity as uncle helps both lad's discover burgeoning manhood~

 Pair of buds staring the day with some happy horseplay~

Two buds divert themselves in the old man's workshop~

Toying with the viewer (and lensman!)~

Fellow looks out at the pre-dawn, morning boner in toe~

 Livingroom boners proudly displayed~

Beautiful soapy sinews on this stud showering off~

Narrow outtake of a chunky guy with a boner among friends~

 More great moments of "Morning Mood"~


Nearby neighbors enjoy a freestyle moment at breakfast~

Kitchen lovers charging it up after breakfast~

 Lovers kiss as dawn's light pushes the shadows back~

 Settled into his new flat, this fellow wants to unwind~

Carpet layer persuaded to enjoy an uninhibited moment
in a flat being remodelled~

 Men and their machines, a long-standing blend~
Indoor with the bike~

Lumber plant newcomer, using the wooden horse for prop~

Plant foreman sports a hardon just before coming on duty~

Macho-type letting it show as daybreak hits an empty garage space~

 Good muscle tone getting shown off~

 A local boy persuades this lensman to snapshot his
gym coach at day's end, with afternoon sun
pushing at the school's back entry~
 Candid moments are great!

Workers with big machines need break time, too~

Seamen buds on leave, give the lensman a great paired pose~

 A gym coach occasionally double checks a youth's pubic hair
development for athletic maturity:
And it's interesting to record the moment!~

 Solo or together, still or video,
  Give it a try!~

Contributions and Input From All Our Viewership Welcome~
Aspiring Photographers, Models, Physique Artists
Amateur Videography, Cinéma Vérité
Men's Nudist Venues, Groups

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