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Wonder of Wonders~Click Pic~
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Great Photo ideas~
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Great Ideas For the Lensman and Model Alike~


  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

The Styles, Places the Men are limitless!~

The inspiration for great photos starts everywhere~

 ~With that new roomie of yours~

~Lithe youth taunts the pulses for the Lens~

~Letting the lad follow his youthful impulses~

 ~Ideal angle capturing young manhood on proud display~

~Teen Frot: The best bonding of boys, and a factory full can be made!~

 ~The right moment with that favorite nephew of yours~

 ~The right casual moment with the Old Man in view~

~A guy with good tats-even the boner-deserves to be remembered~

~The loved pet accents his master's beauty~

~Amateur boxer follows his natural urges before the lens~

~Hunky mover takes a breather for the lens~

 ~Getting a bud with a camera while you're back on leave~

 ~Letting the party move while you get in done cimema-verite style~

 ~Lovers long together just love your recording great moments for them~

 ~There's always the pride in that great set of wheels in the backdrop~

~Lovers just letting go as though you weren't even there~

~Sons and Nephews:  Great Studies!~
~Let your boy try out undraped for the first time~

~Try just a little toying with the viewer~

~Ideal bit of the abstract: Twins, and a pretense at sleepwalking~

 ~Musical boys making the sound sweet~

 ~A slightly bashful first pose...
...Another example with a more eager lad~
~And the quiet confidence of a superbly developing boy!~

~Inviting vignettes of robust youths' developing manhood~

 ~Youthful openess often goes ithyphallic~


~Honest pride being shared~

 ~Simple chair prop is all a beautiful lad needs~


~The ideal moment at a boys' academy...
...Or just the son and his pal during a sleep-over~

 ~Amazingly appealing art with just the first refresh of the day~


~Sharing the shower with your boy~

~Get the kid off to a great start in the morning~

~Lad before the lens rousing an older guy~

~Capture the classic morning wank~


~When he's fresh in the morning, when the light's just right~


~He'll be a little more at east with a familiar toy~

 ~Record your boy getting solidly into the mood for the first time~

 ~If it's too chilly out, put that big basement to REAL use!~


 ~If the weather's right, record some fine moments outside~

 ~Grab a quick snap of your boy with his pals over~

 ~Get a small series going~


 ~From a hint of beefcake~

 ~To the displaying himself in all his vibrance~

 ~Let the new gardener really enjoy the workplace when he's done!~

 ~Men of Color: Always a classic mainstay~

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