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Wonder of Wonders~Click Pic~
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Salute to the Big Guys!~Click here!~
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Casual Photo Tutorial, Part 1~


  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

Vive Cliquot!~

Young lovers share a perfect expression of similitude~

Four Models at Dawn~

 The Music Men~

 Perfect trio pics for a finely developed physique amateur~

Classic wrestlers~

Bolt and aroused extrovert stretches three poses for the cam~

 Subtle, warm contrast lighting is versatile and artful~

 Viola officionado breaks with practise to pose~

Beautiful boys, a little bashful at first~

 Lovers Under Geminii~

Even everyday places and moments
Can offer you the chance
To show your best!~

Man's best friend, other than Man~

 The home studio offers a lot of choices~

Viola officionado breaks from practise to pose~

Two friends, who could pass for twins,
pose by a niche in the marble facade of the house~

Neo-Classical backdrop and a velvet blanket start a model off~

Morning light and afixed cloth pair nicely with a trim man~

Pre-dawn light, with a diffusion lens filter~

The simplest prop paired with a perfect man~

Superb camera angle, highlighting youthful virility~

A spartan room and a well-tanned pool boy trying his hand for the lens~

Healthy hunk saunters about the Lensman's sitting room~

Subtle light and shadow provide a hint of the coy~

Seminal Moments~

Monochromatic, with a warm tone and a confidently warm man~

 A youth agrees to model his gym body and uncut, still growing, endowment~

Perfect blend in a man of trim build, a little ink, and plenty of honest pride~

 Single point of light almost magically highlighting the model~

Beautiful maleness standing out brilliantly admid drab cellar area~

Skillful use of double mirror with overhead lighting,
 Blacking off of walls, and careful distancing of camera from reflection~

Classic empbasis on musculature~

Proud display of musculature and expert inking on left torso~

Model doffs shirt and takes a deep breath in the sun~

Quadruple exposure as man strips down totally~

Fabric backdrop and angled mirror contribute depth and dimension~

Model checking himself in mirror as session begins~

Fellows just before the modelling session~

Trio of men at a casual test~

Youth offers up a still before a video shoot~

 A quartet of a fit, uncut guy, contrasting with a bland brick wall~

 Manly pride starting to express itself~

Muscleman demonstrates a favorite pleasure game~

 Monochrome experiments outdoors~

 The perfect model to start a small photo set~

The perfect youthful casual as the boy tries his first posing~

 Small series of single models have their benefits~


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