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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Amateur Tryouts: Some Great New Guys!~


  All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.



 Don't just look at the coffee table art books~
~And let the sun shine over every inch!

You can have every model type, setting and style
At your fingertips, just DO IT!~


 It can begin with a selfie, just for the fun of it~

Two buds let a friend snap a casual moment of happy exchange~


Beautiful youth shows pride in his physique~

Some selfies are worthy by themselves~

 And, there are the young tryouts, with a little tutoring~

Or, have a friend make the pose a little more special~

You can make yourself the centerpiece of a room~


 You can show off proudly the real you~

The joys of youth in the fresh outdoors~

The eagerness of getting ready for the camera~

Boys' academy students bring their gym coach to delight~

Teen trio enjoying a casual phot shoot~

 Boy next door exploring his stud neighbor in his garage~

Helping a bud shoot the works~

Trainer and pupil blowing off some steam after a workout~

Two young bucks offer the cameraman a great candid moment~

Same academy, after gym class~

 Stripping down for the camera~

 Horseplay to make the shoot come alive~

The explosion of youthful pleasure~

You remember that first show with Dad~

And the shower that really warmed you up!~

Vibrant youth gives oral adoration to manhood's model~

Fitness coach agrees to a candid shot with a gym patron~

Finishing off a butterfly workout with a little jolt of testosterone~

 Healthy guys, manhood rising for the lens~

 Outdoors, on warm days~


 Persuade that bachelor uncle of yours to help you out~

Uncle and nephew, and the latter's classmate~

 Superb Sextette of snooker-loving stud~

Morning time, with the perfect natural light~

 Silhouette-style subtlties, yet still arousing~

A casual glimpse of a refreshed fellow, with great shadow backdrop~

A little more detailing than silhouetting, with the timeless
appeal of twin brothers~

 Friends at the gym, before the busy hours start~

Get the trainer to try his wings~

Some interested students trying out forn the camera~

 Exquisite tatooing on  beautiful youths~

Waiting for night, and adding artificial light for contrast 
makes for this almost paradisical vignette of boy and swans

Two lads getting ready for a shoot~


Above, is a blend of classic nude wrestling and the modern football prop~

Op art backdrop and a lad with new running shoes~

 Perfect quartet of pics highlighting youth's finest hours~

A trio shows their uninhibited burgeoning manhood for the lens~

 Teens exploring youthful delights~

 Outdoors are great settings, too~

 Get that boy next door to show his charm---get him while he's young!~

 The rural areas are a great change of pace~


Urban places offer their possibilities~

 Rare example of graffitti artist showing himself...
...ALL of himself!~

 Building supers, janitors and guys in rustic places
Can be an art form you might never have thought of~
Almost lifeless backdrops burst out alive with vibrant men in the raw~


The eternally popular black model~



Contributions and Input From All Our Viewership Welcome~
Aspiring Photographers, Models, Physique Artists
Amateur Videography, Cinéma Vérité
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