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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Journal Page in the Photographer's Day~

All things Photomasculine,
And the times and places
That bring men together.

 At first, the model slowly strips, still a little hesitant...

 ...Then, he can get a little 'cocky', and toy with the lens...

 ...Then the model rises in pride...
 ...Maybe not smiling outside, but definitelty inside!

 The session can start at dawn, right from the man's bed...

 ...Through his bath...

...To capturing the sun's warming rays on what makes him a man!

 The world can be at his beckoning.

The morning workout to conclude the night's long dream.

First light of day on a well-buffed bod.

City lad seems enamoured of the whole world...
...And his mind-set is portrayed on the outside, as well!

First hour after daybreak, falling on model and model sports erection.

Threads still off, a brief snooze before starting the day.

Man, above, decides to bold the pre-dawn outdoors in the nude.
The far side of the building assured privacy before daybreak....

...While full daylight, albeit in the backyard enclosure, offered this fellow
a setting to sport his primal asset.

The building super persuaded to sport his best assets.

 Just posing in his own home can keep a model fresh and confident.

 Simple poses can highlight a trim youth to perfection.

Low-key and contrast light emphasise the phallic revelation flawlessly.

Two teen pals horse around inside on a Saturday morning...

...Two friends take a break in the home office.

 Solitary lad in classic modesty pose.

Young lovers begin their mutual adoration.

 Indoors, or outdoor nook, can bring out a man's physical character
nicely for the lens.

The skillful use of mirrors, with camera and primary light source well
view, and bring their own dimension and character.

Plus, a little honest self-admiration in the model's pose before the glass.

 The sofa as perfect prop as the man sports his pride and joy.

Avant-garde chair offers casual and confident pose for the man.

Subtle color and pattern backdrop in the props accents the reclining man.

 Simple exercise mat for more confortable pose for the man above.

 100% macho, this fellow sports his boots and tanktop proudly.

 Everyday interiors and corners take on a new life with the lively men.

 Another eye-catching example of high, but controlled contrast and shadow.

 Austere corners with vital men, well-developed on lef,
ready for action on right.

 Model, above, focuses a lamp for unmistakably arousing display.

 Supine pose, with low-key light and shadow for contrast.

 Almost black backdrop, plus a cockring, accent this man nicely.

Very healthy teen and snazzy teal backdrop hightlight perfectly.

 Just the ideal left-angle light and a burgeoning erection do justice here.

 Artifical light contrasts with the rising lad, and his rising manhood.

 A corner of a basement brought to life with stunning contrasts of light
and color; the lithe man amid shadow backdrop---
the warm red underfabric.

 A very good portrayal using completely blacked out backdrop~
And the model's partner!
Following, the same models, from first offer to pose, to completion.

 Outdoor before dawn pose, with earthtones blending into almost monochromatic.

 This youth delights in the first available nook in his back yard.

 The sunny outdoors have a way of stirring the pleasures.

 It's together that those great outdoors take on their finest sheen.

Also, a model in series is another great format to consider~

And sometimes the living room makes a great, uncluttered set~

...And, again, blacked out background isolates the subject.

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