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Friday, September 2, 2011

Beefcake & Muscle: The Right Mind-Set and Locales behind This Timeless Phototradition, Part 1~



A visual tutorial for the career
and aspiring cameraman,
with suggestions on
bringing out the
features of your models,
from teens to mid-life,
from great solos, to self-action,
to men together for
super-masculine pleasure~

Part One~

A well-developed man comes to know he has more than
just good shoulders to boast of!~

And a cheerful attitude on his part sets the mood perfectly.

Everyday elements like windows and doors take on new style.

 Earthy, gutsy poses struck by a confident, gregarious guy.

A simple corner of a modern tool shed gets new character with a cot.

A simple old trunk as seat for the hardon stud.

Mature fit fellow above, proudly doffs shirt and pants at workday's end at home.

Above, bear bares big boner with morning's sun.

 Standing or reclining, this model's an eye-catcher.

The perfect blend of simple props and stunning man; model above straddles
stool, offering just enough flexing motion to display a great physique~
and his right hand adds the perfect accent to the eye's inevitable
drop to his penis.
Same model and prop, suggesting three-quarter profile.

Above, unambiguous, buffed black guy, strides it all in the easy chair~
full erection suggests yet again the 'Negro Penis' super-sized stereotype.

Casual candis, with husky guy in a relaxed, confident pose.

Understandably peacock-pround muscle man above, with the skillful use
of the mirror, with camera a lamps well out of the angle of reflection.
For accent, lensman suggested an erection for the already well-endowed man, though the muscle man
felt he'd best stop just shy of it for a first-timer...
...Then, strength of numbers can embolden other men into not only spawning
erections, but getting them into solid action!~
Above, the two penile companions, who are paired lovers, kiss each other,
while their pal remains on his knees for his phallic adoration/fellatio action.

Lovers arousing one another, as one just finishes stripping.
Sometimes, the inclusion of a garment just coming off is equally arousing.

 Strength---and pleasure---in numbers highlight this Classic 3-Way, above,
with more solid accent on the erect penis, and intensely suggesting the
'taste of what's to come'!

Stride legs, the bed and the left wrist just revealing it all combine
for the perfect blend of aesthetic and erotic.

Formal setting in contrast to two very informal specimens of manhood.

 This quartet is the perfect example of modern decor and Classic Man~
 Open-legged poses, with hand-on-the-handle on the right~
 ~To finish with a fine full-body profile shot.

Plus, some of those
Ticklish Teen Years!~

Just a mention about the best ways to procede with this age group;
of course, as soon as he's 18, you want a boy bare before your lens.
he's probably ready and willing to pose and contribute to your
overall portfolio, but if his vivacious youth really fires up
the pederast in you, cool it a little.

He's receptive erotically, of course, and if it comes down to that,
it's gentle tickling off and on to keep the boy focused on the
inherently masculine pleasure suggested by nude male photography:
a little penis petting to encourage the erection, and like that,
and that often prompts to boy on the masturbation poses.

Don't allow yourself the heavy petting and bear-hugging you'd
reserve for older, brawny types, unless he initiates it,
and you remember you don't have all day or night!
Often, two or more boys who know one
another is the best approach.

Now, for our Bare Boys~

 This youth is colmpletely at east with his familiar gymnast prop.

 Above, student breaks in home library for an end-of-day relax...
 ...Subtle shadows and contrast lighting showcase the lad's pleasure...
...Finally, bedtime rolls around for a nudist boy at day's end.

A casual get-together can showcase youthful physiques just right.
 Stride-legged youth, ithyphallic from the photographers warm hand...
...A simple bar stool and blue wall backdrop for the model to lean on...

A lad who's somewhere between sill photo and video action.
Bashful at first, the boy's finally nude, and offers a warm smile.
 Comfortable recling poses offer an inviting posture for first-timers.

And, there are boys who need no urging to really strut their stuff!~
Many a lad goes on to complete this initial arousal.

 A happy, healthy youth rises proudly to the occasion.

An otherwise quiet room takes on true vitality with the ithyphallic youth.

The photographer exquisitely eggs-on the youth for a timeless pederastic vignette.
Note also the deft use of the mirror, shot from left angle.

That first up-close-and-personal moment with the coach.

A boy showing promise in many poses; good mirror flex, left, floor squat, right.

Light surroundings, vivid crimson fabric prop underscores lithe youth.

Interesting profile, yet displaying youth to full advantage, with
perfect erection accent.
Trim lad fluffed to full erection poses serenely.

Black backdrop, and almost colorless effect, highlights firm young manhood's rise...
...City stimulation has its charms...
 ...City youths, supremely pround of their maturing masculinity.

Another urban lad, unloading before breakfast.

Youthful curiosity gets sated as school chum watches experienced wanker.
Lifeless rock under the midday sun comes to life with beautiful youth.

Finely developing youth poses casually outside beach tent.

 Outdoor summer settings continue to offer much...
 ...Water, natural or a man-made pool...
 ...The stimulating effect of open Nature and a lake...
 ...The human blending in almost structurally with Nature.

Youth's left hand tantalizes for the camera.

Seemingly discordant discards as props make a novel set for
this healthy youth struttin' his stuff.

Artful extrapolation on "Fruit of the Loom".

 Almost painting-like grace showcases this beautiful youth.

 Here two standards, using everyday indoor and outdoor settings.

Leaning back a bit, and slightly surreal contrast lighting portray this trim boy well.

 Original pose denoting bodily flexure, above.

Soft focus and contrast lighting do justice for this slim lad.

Bright as summer, and just as hot!~
Choice youth confidently exhibits his well-cultured physique.

Farmboy gives skillful head to cameraman's lighting man outside barn...
...And this suburban blower, in the back of his house with a pal.

 Leafy, airy backdrop and lithe youth...
...Same basics as above, with little hint of modesty.

This one compels the eye to sift through the branches and delineate the man.

Youthful discovery continues...

... Standard---and then athletic---tutorledge in fellatio.

It can be a beautiful chance occurance...
 ...Finding the old man wankin', and joining in...

...Tasting the dream that's become reality.

Moments of eager youthful agressive enthusiasm like no others.

Before the old man sets out for the day, a little morning release.

In a rocky, rough setting, the older guy, hard as a rock, fills his part of a manly lesson.

 A great format~a pederastic series!~

Glitter Graphics |
Glitter Graphics |
Beautiful, iconic man-boy vignette, with diffuse lighting and soft contrast
for a dream-like effect that compels the eye, despite the subtlities.

Part Two to Follow

Glitter Graphics |
Glitter Graphics |

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