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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beefcake & Muscle: The Right Mind-Set and Locales behind This Timeless Phototradition, Part 2~



A visual tutorial for the career
and aspiring cameraman,
with suggestions on
bringing out the
features of your models,
from teens to mid-life,
from great solos, to self-action,
to men together for
super-masculine pleasure~

Part Two~

 Otherwise lifeless stonework gets stunning contrast with vital manhood.

Otherwise meaningless masonry remnants showcase two vital men.

Man framed as living art in window frame of ancient southwest cabin.

 Good standard physiques in contrast light and isolation have their place.

 The first light of day awakens new sensation...
...And the flexing starts...

 A solid color wall and right lighting highlight a man's proud physique

An indoor corner, offering a little privacy for a first-time muscle artist doffing everything.

More settings to consider~

Beach rocks provide a silent backdrop to rock-solid muscle...

...As does an otherwise bland landscape for a good physique artist.

Gleaming morning sunshine warm the sinews on the patio.

This fellow KNOWS he's got to let it all hang loose sometimes!

Finishing the post-shower drying off just outside this morning.

Cement garden staircase supports novel pose by this young physique afficionato.
 The backyard can be perfect, too.

Well-toned youth entices the viewer as he readies for a comfortable stretch...
...And doffs completely artificial bariers, and reveals his manhood

The country home's tool shed takes on new vitality.

Some greenery backdrop, muscle guys emphasise the ultramanly Erection.

Superb shadow backdrop and contrast highlights man's built and boner...
...More flaunting proudly the erection, bedside.

Hardon accent, with reclining pose...

 ...More bedroom boners...

Morning wank, in full sunshine.

 And the hammer ready for work in the attic.

 Cheerful, extroverted wanker's first foray for the camera...
...Well-buffed mature guy proudly flaunts his hammer...
...Charged up rural lovers, making a hayloft dangerously hot!..

A simple windowside pose with a little interior light.
So many men love to try something like this,
and they can rise to the occasion!~

Another window backdrop, diffused daylight, a moderately contrived pose.

 The man's ready, so long as they drapes are mostly closed!~

The sofa takes on a great accent, with the lean man sprawled confidently.

 Another stick of furniture, plus a hunk with quite a stick of his own!...

Urban evening, head-on lighting, superb shadow detail, and
contrast planes of color give emphasis to model.

Streamlined; lithe, ithyphallic youth and modern props.

Another sofa pose, using slight window daylight and darkened room...

Bright color sofa, with specular window lighting at dawn.

Muscle bear, sort of relaxed and confident.

Well-toned and tanned muscles contrasting with white sheets

Smiling a little nervously, this first-timer guy hopes he'll be a good pic.

Beautiful youth rests, yet ready for pleasure.

 Let's hear from you!~

Contributions and Input From All Our Viewership Welcome~
Aspiring Photographers, Models, Physique Artists
Amateur Videography, Cinéma Vérité
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