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Monday, September 5, 2011

Beefcake & Muscle: The Right Mind-Set and Locales behind This Timeless Phototradition, Part 3~



A visual tutorial for the career
and aspiring cameraman,
with suggestions on
bringing out the
features of your models,
from teens to mid-life,
from great solos, to self-action,
to men together for
super-masculine pleasure~

Part Three~

Proud muscle bear right in his own house...


Young physique artist, in a proud moment right at home.

Another muscleman, in his own bedroom.

Nicely built hunk, showin' it off before heading out the door for the day.
 Car hobbyist struts his stuff in his garage on his day off...
...Another garage set, with very specular lighting to accent the man.

Old home's back entry, with vital man contrasting to old masonry.

Another otherwise bland garage, spiced up with two buds on the weekend.

Tats displayed to great advantage in this three-way wank.

Guy in his tool shed, taking a break with his very big hammer!

Warm tones and contrast light and shadows for this hung young guy.

Spur-of-the-moment lunch break for two guys in the packing department...
 ...Maintenance man taking a break at noon...
... Office guy puttin' in a little overtime for the cam...

 Artifical room light can offer a home-spun character all its own~
Above, the well-endowed man dominates any amateur setting...
...And here, the single naked bulb shines on a naked man
with dark drapery backdrop for contrast.

 Beautiful bear drying off...

 ...Two buds gettin' ready for a shower together...

...Stud peels off the last item before his wash.

A duo readies for a shower; surreal angle of view from below,
plus perfect accent light from window caught on penis.

Great build, with blend of day and electric light for warm skin tone.

A few below, from the Khrome Collection...

 Perfect blend~brawn and cockring.

Brawny bear, above, and cock piercing.

Nips and cockhead done, above.

Large chrome arm bangle for accent, above.

Above, balls and nipple piercings attracting interest.

Collar, bangle and cockring combine in style.

Lastly, nipple and navel piercings combined accent a man's tight torso.
* * *

A simple alcove backdrop, and passionate pair.

 These 6 frames are the ideal subject: Muscle Lovers!~

Another beefy, hot pair in classic fellatio.

 Perfect beefcake subjects~Lovers~

Two beefy buds warming up for a shower.

Muscles in the shower~the guys have a ball with their balls,
and wash up at the same time. Great basic!

 Shower buds, turned on to each other's manliness in even mundanest moments...

Home casual of two good friends, exulting in their manhood.

Again, a surreal angle of focus accents the superbly built man.

The home-rooted physique artist, proud and free.


As much tats as muscle---a nice blend.

Oiled and contrast light, this fellow spreads and flexes at home.

In his natural element, the favorite corner gym~ 

Ultraclassical Greek nude wrestling---and unmistakable mutual manly reach!
Another great preliminary grip pose.

Again, the athletic sense, above, with the man after a shower...

...And again, classic nude wrrestling.

 Another newbee decides to let it all hang out for art's sake~

The guys let off some steam after the workout~

Two wrestling buds offer their congrats he-man style~

 Bench press workout builds circulation---including an erection!...

 A gym rat welcomes the sometimes reluctant shirt-and-tie newcomer.

Honest pride in the mirror.

 The right gym selected for a few moments of post-workout posing.
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