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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beefcake & Muscle: The Right Mind-Set and Locales behind This Timeless Phototradition, Part Four~



A visual tutorial for the career
and aspiring cameraman,
with suggestions on
bringing out the
features of your models,
from teens to mid-life,
from great solos, to self-action,
to men together for
super-masculine pleasure~

Part Four~

 Experienced pumper toys a little with the viewer.

 The often accurate stereotype of the well-endowed black man...

 ...Plus the accurate stereotype for action!
 Our brawny brotha flexes under the summer sun...
 ...Then lets loose with one BIG release!

Great beefy basic, starkly contrasting with brick wall...
...Bricks 'n Boner~great blend!...
...Indoor masonry wall, with delivery man persuaded for a moment's posing.
 Out west metaphor, with western hat topping young stud.

 Gardener, asked to enjoy himself a little during break.

Student model, toying with the lens and cameraman.

 ...Two good examples of fine casuals taken right in the home...

...Fine use of chair as single prop...

 ...Another good exampe of a simple prop, and suggestive posing...

...Big easy chair, and confident man strutting his stuff.
 ...Several proud vignetts hightlighting black endowment...

...Cameraman coaxes model to full erection...

...Two glorious artworks~Maplethorpe on the wall, 3rd-dimentional masterpiece flanking...
...And a flattering rendition a la Maplethrope...

...Simple bland interior wall, vibrant man centerpiecing image...

 ...Middle of living room takes on fresh vitality...

Throw rug and doffed clothes underneath this healthy urban fellow...

...Simple bar stool as standard prop for lithe model...

...A bed offers a reclining position for this ithyphallic fellow...

...Beautiful black greeting morning urban sun...

 ...Treks to the city can offer fresh photo opps...

Buffed gym bud, sporting his real pride and joy...

 ...Somtimes 'sitting on the fence' can be a work of art in itself!

 Strength~and pleasure!~in numbers...
...Verdant virility and fellatio al fresco.

Some rather more classic studies on black beauty~

 It can start with interested amateurs' self-pics.

Relaxed, at-home tryout.

Another amateur self-pic, portraying the eagerness for letting
it all hang out toward the end of the day...
...Finally letting it all go free at day's end.

Near-total nude, still himself even in the skyscraper jungle.

Beautifully lithe man, with huge cityscape backdrop...

Beefy trio, using empty, huge city carport entrance...

Naked in the hall.

Stud taking a nude breather on the rooftop...

Husky urbanite airing his beef on the rooftop.

Urban roofer cools off on a hot lunch time the simple way.

An uninhibited youth and you'll NEVER think of an alley the same way!

Boldly letting city sunlight in, just outside a discreet corner.

Abstract grafitti, and a very objectively real man.

Again, stunning contrast between lifeless and vibrant.

The urban dawn, with shadows still inside...
...And the other end of the day~a superintendant shows his stuff in the basement,
after the camerman gently coaxed a half boner; deep shadow detail and contrast
gives emphasis to the very real man at one end.

An otherwise routine weekend house fixing-up takes on a free moment.

 Chests are always in, and so's the crotch bulge...
 ...Then the unavoidable continues...
 ...And finally the near-ultimate exposure~
The legendary bulge in the jockey shorts~
 These always fire up the inevitable reach out to squeeze~
Then slipping them down and off!

A balcony provides simply setting for the country scion trying his hand
at the model's art...
...And some poses on a very large neo-classic veranda!

Capturing the morning erection .
The nicely-buffed joe, left, is about to reveal it all~
The bear, right, struts his great 8 by 2 incher.
Above, tape measure reaffirms substantial penis length.
Beautiful use of the loose towel prop to compel attention to great physiques.

Focal emphasis on foreskin only highlights classic uncut man.

 A model sometimes benefits from hot visual assistance!

Sequence of a good model session...

And, some brawn for variety...
Glitter Graphics |
Glitter Graphics |

 The burly bedroom 'bator, absolutely unleashed!~


 Another home-spun depiction of burly maturity, relaxed and proud.

Devout muscle artist, peacock-sure under summer sun out back.
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Glitter Graphics |
Glitter Graphics |

Questions? Comments?
Send some pix?~

These days, even physique pageants can offer
great nude moments for the lens!
The honest pride of a dedicated physique artist will often allow
the lensman a private moment away from the audiance.
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